Cool Dude James/Taylor Lanturne

Cool Dude James/Taylor Lanturne

Who is my character: – James F
Who is my character based on (real life person):- Taylor lantern of Twilight
What can your character do (special powers):-
• Changes into a wolf when he gets only when angry but when he is calm then he is just a human being.
• Soft and warm
• Like to ride motorbikes
• Very strong and muscular/ big bodied
• Can hear when I am upset from his house all the way to mine
• Very fast at running to a place when I am in danger
• Good at making me laugh
• Looking out for us
Personal qualities:-
• Very good at maths and helping me with my maths
• Riding his bike
• Talking when we both have got problems
• Good at fashion
• Carrying my bags when shopping
• Cooking dinner

Who is your inspiration:-

I chose to base my character on Jacob because he is like James:

• Fashion sense/ way he looks/ hairstyle
• Humour
• Kind/caring
• Personal traits

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Rock Chick Catherine

Rock Chick Catherine

My character is a rock chick based on Catherine who is LSA at ESPA. My character can use her love of music to spread passion of music all over the world.
My inspiration was Madonna because of how talented she is. Catherine is really friendly and funny. She is really supportive and helpful. This is why I chose to base my character on Catherine.

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Yeah Yeah

My flow is so tremendous.

Shining like a thousand embers.

Hate is all I feel.

Pain is all that I remember.

I’m rendered by the ice and the snow, frozen like an icicle that grows in the cold.

I’m bold like Lucida Console  a style of writing you will find on a microsoft word.

I’m not a cupcake, Just Jammy James 🙂

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New Books

Today we bought three new books to read in our BLOG/Creative Writing session at college.

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The Fairy Tale Story

Molly wants to go and find the Fairy Tale people. Molly especially wants to find the Easter Bunny because Easter is only 2 weeks away and without the Easter Bunny there will be no Easter. Molly goes to the North pole to see Santa and Rudolf and they are not there. The Elves replied some Chinese bloke came and took them away and we were all too hyper on hot chocolate with marshmallows and cream to realise they had gone.

Molly was hoping that all the fairy tale people had all been taken to the same place so when she went to the elves to ask what had happened she was glad to be given a GPS tracker to help find Rudolf, Santa and the Easter Bunny. The Chinese bloke was the only lead she had so holly jumped into Santa’s aerocar (spare sleigh) and readied the remaining reindeers.  Molly was given a GPS tracker which could locate the fairy tale people from 100miles away.

Molly flew over China and the tracker started to beep, below was Beijing. Molly landed in Beijing and then she started to look for the fairy tale people.

She then she realized that the tracker had broken only just when she was a mile away from finding the fairy tale people.  Then she started jumping around because she was really angry until she saw a small light in the distance and thought I wonder what that is as she approached she couldn’t help but notice that there was no grass flowers or trees near thins small house. Inside there was a hag a very, very old hag. Molly noticed there was Santa’s hat, Rudolf’s red noise, the tooth-fairies wings and most worryingly the Easter bunny’s fur. Since then parents have been all of these fairy-tale people. 

Written by:

StrawberryUnpshoius and ChocBerry

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Tom’s Story

Thomas is a thirteen year old boy who lives in a Durham mining village in the North East of England.

Thomas has a secret passion for wanting to be an actor. His friends are more interested in playing sport he likes sport although he is more interested in becoming an actor.

Thomas joins a drama club at school. After being inspired by an American film at the cinema about a boy his age. He then goes home and tells his mam about his passion for acting his mother was not happy about this because his dad has already passed away. He has already started saving his money and takes a part time job as a paper boy to help save money for his trip to Hollywood.

Thomas tells his two friends of his passion for acting and going to Hollywood. One friend Daniel seems jealous of Thomas’s passion and one friend Lindsey admits to Thomas that she shares his passion. Daniel and Lindsey are brother and sister. Thomas asks Lindsey to attend the drama club with him.

Written By:


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So, we’re gathering the cupcakes to collect ideas and use imagery for inspiration!!! Unfortunately, inspiration has been running low lately! So, we’ve used these pictures for ideas:



Our cupcakes are currently thinking of ideas for their first draft.

We will upload our stories very soon! Watch this space…

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Oh No Inspiration Today


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Review of Bad Teacher

  • Funny
  • The storyline isn’t boring like most comedies
  • It was ok  for all audiences especially teachers

Reviewd by ChocBerry

  • It’s good funny
  • Got a great cast
  • Cameron Diaz is good at playing the bad teacher in this film
  • It’s that good and fun that people would probably watch it again or go and buy it on dvd.
  • Reviewd byStrawberryUnpshoius


  • Good Humour
  • Great Cast
  • Good Story

Cameron Diaz was good at playing A Bad Teacher.

Reviewed by CherryTop



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