The Fairy Tale Story

Molly wants to go and find the Fairy Tale people. Molly especially wants to find the Easter Bunny because Easter is only 2 weeks away and without the Easter Bunny there will be no Easter. Molly goes to the North pole to see Santa and Rudolf and they are not there. The Elves replied some Chinese bloke came and took them away and we were all too hyper on hot chocolate with marshmallows and cream to realise they had gone.

Molly was hoping that all the fairy tale people had all been taken to the same place so when she went to the elves to ask what had happened she was glad to be given a GPS tracker to help find Rudolf, Santa and the Easter Bunny. The Chinese bloke was the only lead she had so holly jumped into Santa’s aerocar (spare sleigh) and readied the remaining reindeers.  Molly was given a GPS tracker which could locate the fairy tale people from 100miles away.

Molly flew over China and the tracker started to beep, below was Beijing. Molly landed in Beijing and then she started to look for the fairy tale people.

She then she realized that the tracker had broken only just when she was a mile away from finding the fairy tale people.  Then she started jumping around because she was really angry until she saw a small light in the distance and thought I wonder what that is as she approached she couldn’t help but notice that there was no grass flowers or trees near thins small house. Inside there was a hag a very, very old hag. Molly noticed there was Santa’s hat, Rudolf’s red noise, the tooth-fairies wings and most worryingly the Easter bunny’s fur. Since then parents have been all of these fairy-tale people. 

Written by:

StrawberryUnpshoius and ChocBerry

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