Tom’s Story

Thomas is a thirteen year old boy who lives in a Durham mining village in the North East of England.

Thomas has a secret passion for wanting to be an actor. His friends are more interested in playing sport he likes sport although he is more interested in becoming an actor.

Thomas joins a drama club at school. After being inspired by an American film at the cinema about a boy his age. He then goes home and tells his mam about his passion for acting his mother was not happy about this because his dad has already passed away. He has already started saving his money and takes a part time job as a paper boy to help save money for his trip to Hollywood.

Thomas tells his two friends of his passion for acting and going to Hollywood. One friend Daniel seems jealous of Thomas’s passion and one friend Lindsey admits to Thomas that she shares his passion. Daniel and Lindsey are brother and sister. Thomas asks Lindsey to attend the drama club with him.

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