Cool Dude James/Taylor Lanturne

Cool Dude James/Taylor Lanturne

Who is my character: – James F
Who is my character based on (real life person):- Taylor lantern of Twilight
What can your character do (special powers):-
• Changes into a wolf when he gets only when angry but when he is calm then he is just a human being.
• Soft and warm
• Like to ride motorbikes
• Very strong and muscular/ big bodied
• Can hear when I am upset from his house all the way to mine
• Very fast at running to a place when I am in danger
• Good at making me laugh
• Looking out for us
Personal qualities:-
• Very good at maths and helping me with my maths
• Riding his bike
• Talking when we both have got problems
• Good at fashion
• Carrying my bags when shopping
• Cooking dinner

Who is your inspiration:-

I chose to base my character on Jacob because he is like James:

• Fashion sense/ way he looks/ hairstyle
• Humour
• Kind/caring
• Personal traits

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